Into the Myst

Discovering the Magic Within

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Hello all the way from northern Italy, ciao a tutti! 

I’m so happy to be here! I am eager to share with you my magical journey and how I discovered this rewarding method of painting - ultimately by trusting my intuition and imagination! 

I have always been a nature lover and adore animals. I had longed to put my visions and dreams onto canvas but until a few years ago, I had no idea how to go about it!

Through self-discovery, hardships and lots of practice, I have found the key methods to unlock this mystery! To reveal on canvas, what we can’t express in words -  is a true joy and allows us to tell our own story and share our hearts.

I can’t wait to to be your guide and I do hope you will follow me “Into the Myst” on your own journey of creative self-discovery, finding your voice and celebrating the magic you have within!


Katrina Koltes

 How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb


Classroom Now Open


  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb

Here's a description of each of our special projects:

  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb
  into the myst
  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb

Project 1 - discover

In our first project, we will discover more about ourselves, what our spirit animal is, what stories we have to tell, and what symbols speak to us. I will be assigning some homework exercises to explore this. 

After gathering this information, we will create a watercolor painting and create a story the viewer can discover for themselves. I will show you how to create intricate pattern and beauty with line work using ink pen, plus you will learn my techniques for shading and successful color combinations with watercolors.


Project 2 - imagine

In our second project, will be stretching our imagination further and gaining inspiration from walks in nature. The natural beauty we witness, will assist us in creating a rich and beautiful background. We will be using watercolor to create translucent glazes while building contrast with shadows and light. 

The portrait subject will be a fairy or an elf, painted with acrylics and other mixed media. I can't wait to show you how I build up luminous skin tones and create my favorite "glow effect"! You are going to love the process!


Project 3 - dream

In our third and final project, we will rediscover what interested us as a child - what we loved to imagine and dream before we became adults! We get to revel in remembering those fanciful and fantastic imaginary worlds!

I will have some more explorative homework assignments to keep your intuitive flame burning!

We will walk in the magic of those childhood dreams and create a scene with mixed media, telling a whimsical story with magical creatures of our own fantasy. Here, the more imaginative the better - from dryads to centaurs, pixies to elf queens, fairies or dragons, unicorns or mermaids, or really whatever inspires you!

It will be such a delight to let our imagination run away with us, even for just a few hours! 



Classroom Now Open


What will you learn in this class?

I will be guiding you through several topics and techniques such as:

  • Expressive, intuitive painting 
  • Telling your story using imagery and symbols
  • Finding inspiration
  • Connecting with nature and how to use it in your art
  • Creating storytelling paintings and interest for the viewer to interpret
  • Creating portraits with both watercolor and mixed media techniques
  • Using line work to create interest and variation 
  • Creating glazes and layering with watercolors on various substrates 
  • Creating contrast with lights and darks 
  • Creating something that is unique and special to you and your journey
  • And much more….
  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb
  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb


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What kind of supplies do I need for this workshop?

  How to do tea bag painting, Jeanne-Marie Webb

Please use what you HAVE!  It is not my intention at all to have you purchase everything on the list.  Buy only what you think you will use.  There are a number of essential materials needed as noted below but many things can be substituted. Let me know if you have questions.

Supply List


  • Watercolors*  (you don't need to get them all but these are the colors I used)
    • Danielle Smith colors used - 
      • Moonglow
      • Lunar blue
      • Amethyst genuine
      • Bloodstone genuine
      • Rose of ultramarine
      • Rich green gold
      • Quinacridone gold
      • Nickel Azo yellow
      • Cascade green
      • Indigo
      • Piemontite genuine
    • Schmincke colors used -
      • Translucent orange
      • Cerulean blue hue
      • Permanent carmine
      • Neutral tint
  • Watercolor paper, and two canvas boards or any hard substrate. (you can also use watercolor paper for the third lesson instead of a canvas board) *
  • Medium grit sandpaper*
  • Acrylics paints* (you don't need to get them all but these are the colors I used)
    • Heavy body Liquitex colors used -
      • Naphthol crimson
      • Cadmium yellow
      • Alizarin crimson
      • Burnt umber
      • Payne’s gray
      • Titanium white
    • Golden Fluid colors used -
      • Quiancridone crimson
      • Transparent pyrrole orange
  • Joint compound or plaster
  • Watercolor ground
  • Inktense crayons or other water-soluble crayons
  • Assorted paintbrushes* (both acrylic and watercolor or just synthetic is ok too)
  • An ink pen with black, permanent ink*
  • A soft white colored pastel  Matt medium and some napkins for collage
  • Loose grained salt, a straw, and some rubbing alcohol
  • white gel pen
  • Masking fluid* either fine liner (I use a regular liquid type with a silicon clay shaping tool to apply it) 


*essentials for this class